Socialization of the Motto and Map of Responsibilities of the Alamindo Consortium’s Key Persons

Culture in a company is a value that acts as the “glue” that connects all the company’s stakeholders altogether. These stakeholders must make it a habit to practice the culture. Therefore, we may wonder on what the significance of this since corporate culture is a role model that describes how a person should behave and how everyone in a company is connected to one another.
Since every individual have their own cultures belief these variances can be a challenging task that weakens our aspirations and belief in accomplishing our common goal such as the company’s vision for instance. In addition to this, it is also where the company culture will play its role in term of bringing people together and harmonizing their hopes. As equally important, we may also manage to establish a powerful and unbreakable group if we all share the same spirit, values, and behavior.
As a result, the vice president Mr. Andy Raharja once claimed that the motto must be remembered and attached to every employee on Augusts 27 2021 with the motto of “Kerja cerdas dengan hati”. All things considered, with this motto we can share inspiration, equate values with each other followed by harmonized behavior until our dreams will be achieved one day. Thus, as described in the “Key person Responsibilities Map” doing everything together for sure will make things more meaningful.