Long term business development plan

Long term business development plan

The company will develop the business in the IUPHHK-HA area of
PT. Prabu Alaska

Farming & Plantation sector

  • Plantations :

    Plantation, Corn Plantation, Sugar Cane, Soybean and Intercropping plants.

  • Agroforestry :

    Coffee and Cocoa plantation

Energy & Natural Resources sector

  • In accordance with the results of the study (Desk Study) in the IUPHHK-HA area:

  • Coal:

    Potential Coal Mining in PT. Prabu Alaska area

  • Minerals:

    Minerals and Mined materials, potential raw materials / minerals in PT. Rimbakayu Arthamas area

Natural Tourism sector

  • Development of natural tourism businesses, including:

  • Educational Tourism:
    • Studies on the local Flora & Fauna
    • Collecting & preservation of rare Flora & Fauna species
  • Adventurous Attraction:
    • Canopy Trail
    • Flying Fox
    • Rock Climbing
  • Water Attractions:
    • Rafting
    • Canoeing
  • Extreme Sports / Other Attractions:
    • Parks
    • Gliding
    • Paragliding / Parachuting
    • Hot Air Baloons