The Intra Asia Development Program is one of the ways that PT Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera Tbk is following for the development of Millennial employees, which is an absolute must in support of Regeneration. On this occasion, the Intra Asia Development Program has been successful held a seminar with the topic of Entrepreneurship on April 1, 2021. The speaker from the Entrepreneurship Seminar was Mr. Adi Gunawan, the Managing Director Commercial & Corporate Strategy of PT Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera Tbk. Mr. Adi Gunawan imparted to all Intra Asia Development participants on how to have the right mindset and motivation to become a successful entrepreneur. The matters discussed by Mr. Adi Gunawan on the topic of Entrepreneurship, including the following :

    1. The differences between Entrepreneurs and Professionals, including the barriers or problems that being faced, and the points of success for the both areas.
    2. Provide understanding to Intra Asia Development participants to have a big dream, followed by ambition, enthusiasm and hard work. The participants also being taught that they must have commitments, trusts and problem solving to become a successful entrepreneur.
    3. Skills that must be possessed by an entrepreneur, including leadership, presentation, effective communication, and so on.
    4. How to build a company/ business by analyzing first using the theory of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.

In the Intra Asia Development Program, there will be other seminar agendas that will be conducted to develop each candidate for leadership. Hopefully the Intra Asia Development Program can produce prospective leaders who have soft skills and hard skills as expected.