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“What is it like to work at Alamindo Consortium We want to give you an idea of ​​what it’s like to be a part of the Alamindo Consortium”

What career path at Alamindo Consortium is the most suitable for you?

CV selection stage

  • All CVs that enter are selected by HR & User

  • Those who meet the criteria will be contacted and take the interview test

interview stage

  • The interview will be held at the Alamindo Consortium office

  • Interview will be conducted by HRD and User

  • For those who pass the interview stage, they will be contacted and do the psychological test

psychological test stage

  • Prospective employees are required to take a psychological test whose schedule and location have been informed by HRD.

info diterima

  • Prospective employees will be contacted by HRD when they are accepted.

  • And when you first enter, a work contract will be signed.