Business development

With the commitment and support of all levels of management, PT. Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera.Tbk and its subsidiaries continue to manage their forest processing rights in accordance with the principles of sustainability that have been implemented so far.

In long-term planning, PT. Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera.Tbk is committed to continuing to carry out various developments to realize the Company’s Vision and Mission.

It is expected that with the development of the business carried out by the Company, the Company’s contribution in contributing to the development of the economy in the West Papua region can be realized especially given the Company’s business area in West Papua Province.

Furthermore, the Company takes strategic steps to realize its business development including:

  • Preparation of re-design in order to optimize the utilization of non-productive areas and the potential that exists among them through Silvicultural Multi System (MSS) containers.
  • Development of wood processing industry to optimize wood raw materials owned by the Company.
  • Development of Industrial Plantation Forests (HTI) in the framework of developing wood and non-timber industries.
  • Carry out corporate actions Initial Public Offering (IPO / Go Public).